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(…a little late but better that than never…)

The launch of—hurray!—a tree-advocacy group in Alameda, Friends of Alameda’s Forest, and the group’s fresh and helpful website. The group (of which I am a proud member) ran a press release in the Alameda Sun and Journal last week, and I’m copying that below for you non-link-clickers.

Must I say I’m very excited to finally have a formal community organization caring for trees in Alameda? We have been behind in that department for a long time, for reasons unknown but maybe it’s because we’ve all been taking our beautiful trees for granted here, assuming they will be around with or without our help. But lush, healthy urban forests don’t just happen, you know. Most cities around the Bay Area have community groups supplementing the regular city tree program. They educate residents, plant trees, and help maintain the urban forests of their communities—some are formally non-profit and others just ad-hoc get togethers of tree lovers with a plan. We’ll see how this one evolves, but I would love to see it as a respected partner to the city and a resource to the residents. With starved Public Works budgets stretching far into the foreseeable future, people who care and have time to dedicate have an opportunity to contribute in a very real, very noticeable way to the improvement of our city’s green environment.

One slight omission on the website is that it has no contact info. This should be corrected in short order, so that anyone interested can get in touch.

About FAF:

Friends of Alameda’s Forest is a recently formed community organization that promotes the preservation and maintenance of existing trees and the planting of new trees within the city of Alameda.

Alameda has always been known for the beauty and diversity of its urban forest. Our goal is to continue this tradition through education and advocacy. We are committed to uniting public agencies, businesses, schools and residents in the restoration of a culture that values trees.

If you wish to get further information, give us your feedback or join us at our monthly meetings, please visit our website, You will find useful information about our trees, updates on tree-related city activities, and related links. We welcome and encourage your participation!